SXSW Austin 2013

Austin Projector Rentals – SXSW – Totally Booked!

SXSW Austin 2013

For the second year in a row Austin Projector Rentals is 100% booked out for the entire month of March! We couldn’t be more excited about SXSW 2013. Thank you Austin, Texas for making Austin Projector Rentals the city’s top choice of audio/video and LCD projection rentals.

SXSW Success With Austin Projector Rentals

Austin Projector Rentals had another smash out year at Austin’s SXSW with more than 22 setups and tear downs in 3 days.  We enjoyed helping a handful of West Coast start ups look their best.  Thanks Austin!  Until next year!

Forget the hassle of putting up Christmas Lights. Let Austin Projector Rentals outfit your home with an all weather display.

Projectors allow for animated graphics of the home owners choice. Spend minutes putting up your Christmas decorations. Display different Christmas messages on your home for your friends to read. Give us a shout to get started. -512.539.0715

Rent a Projector For The Big Game

Wanna watch the Big Game in style?  Let Austin Projector Rentals set you up with one of our super-sized outdoor screens. Call us for a quote today.

La Condesa Austin, TX |Vault Meeting Room |

La Condesa is located at 400 West 2nd street in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas.  It’s a three story Mexican food restaurant with an incredible atmosphere.  The basement’s even marked as a Texas historical marker.  Here’s a couple shots of Texas Projector Rentals in action!

La Condesa – 400 West 2nd Street, Austin, Texas

60″x60″ 16:9 Screen Rental – La Condesa, Austin Texas